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Direct Business Wear | Embroidered Work Wear


Our Personalisation Services

At Direct Business Wear, we offer a range of personalisation options to make your corporate clothing uniquely yours. Whether you need your logo, design, or text added to our garments, we have you covered with our expert techniques:

1. Embroidery

Our most popular personalisation method involves transforming your logo into a format compatible with our state-of-the-art embroidery machines. We then skillfully stitch your logo directly onto our high-quality garments, ensuring a professional and lasting finish.

2. Vinyl Printing

Ideal for small orders with simple logos, names, or numbers, our vinyl printing service allows us to print your design and expertly heat press it onto our garments. This method is perfect for achieving a clean and precise look.

3. Screen Printing

For larger quantities and vibrant, multi-color designs, our screen printing service is the way to go. We apply the ink through a screen directly onto the garment, resulting in a durable and eye-catching final product. Please note that there may be setup costs, which vary depending on the number of colors required.

4. Screen Transfer Printing

Similar to screen printing, this method involves printing onto transfer paper and then curing the print before applying it to the garment with a heat press. It's an excellent choice for jobs that benefit from having a stock of transfers for future orders. The results are sharp and clear, making it perfect for intricate designs.

5. Tax Tabs

Tax Tabs are labels affixed to garments, primarily used to designate them as part of a uniform owned by the company. This prevents HMRC from categorizing them as a "benefit in kind," thereby avoiding any adverse impact on the wearer's tax code. It is essential that this mode of identification is easily visible and cannot be removed. A name badge does not meet these criteria. However, if a garment bears the company logo through methods such as embroidery or printing, HMRC generally finds it acceptable.

The majority of our tax tabs are discreet woven labels that can be sewn into various areas of a garment. These labels are typically inconspicuous, such as in the side seam, cuff, or pocket of a shirt, the waistband of trousers or a skirt, and the pocket flap of a jacket.

The size of the tax tab varies depending on the logo it displays. Direct Business Wear will present a visual for approval before proceeding with the order. 

For additional information or a quotation, please contact the office.

Ordering Process for Personalized Embroidery

At Direct Business Wear, we've streamlined the process of getting your logo printed or embroidered onto our garments. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Logo Submission

Begin by sending a copy of your logo to Please ensure that your logo is in one of the following formats: JPEG, PSD, or PNG.

Step 2: Logo Analysis and Quotation

Our skilled personalisation department will carefully analyze your logo, considering factors such as stitch count and complexity. We'll then provide you with a detailed quotation based on your logo's unique requirements.

Step 4: Visual Proof Approval 

Once you have approved our bespoke quotation, we will create a visual proof of your order. We will not proceed to personalise your garments without approval. For larger orders and new customers we recommend requesting a sample.

Step 5: Placing Your Order

Once we receive your approval, we will put your order into production, lead times will be between 5-10 days.

Important Note: Returns Policy

Please note that we are unable to accept returns on items that have been embroidered or personalized in any way, except in cases where the garments are faulty.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any point in the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We're here to help you every step of the way.